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On this page, I will list guides to various statistics topics.  If you don’t see a topic that you’re interested in, please contact me at and I will consider adding it (when I have time).


ANOVA de Dos Vías en Excel

ANOVA de Un Factor en Excel

One-Way ANOVA in Excel

One-Way ANOVA in Jamovi

One-Way ANOVA in Python

One-Way ANOVA in R


One-Way ANOVA Practice

Práctica de ANOVA de Dos Vías

Práctica de ANOVA Unidireccional

Two-Way ANOVA in Excel

Two-Way ANOVA in Jamovi

Two-Way ANOVA in Python

Two-Way ANOVA in R


Two-Way ANOVA Practice

Basic Statistical Concepts

Conceptual Variables and Actual Measures

Independent Variables and Dependent Variables


Correlation Does NOT Equal Causation (Links to


Chi-Square in Excel (One Variable)

Chi-Square Test of Independence in Excel (Two Variable)

Chi-Square in Jamovi

Chi-Square in Python

Chi-Square in R

Chi-Square in SPSS

Chi-Square Practice

Práctica de Chi-Cuadrado

Video Lecture on Chi-Square Tests (One and Two Variable)


Correlations in Excel

Correlations in Jamovi

Correlations in Python

Correlations in R

Correlations in SPSS

Correlation Practice

Práctica de Correlación

Cronbach’s Alpha

Cronbach’s Alpha in Jamovi

Cronbach’s Alpha in Python

Cronbach’s Alpha in R

Cronbach’s Alpha in SPSS

Introduction to Cronbach’s Alpha

Descriptive Statistics

Descriptive Statistics in Jamovi

How to Calculate Descriptive Statistics in Excel

Identifying Multiple Modes in Excel

Práctica de Estadística Descriptiva

Video Lecture on Descriptive Statistics (Opens in YouTube)


Dummy-Coded Regression in Excel

Dummy-Coded Regression in Jamovi

Dummy-Coded Regression in Python

Dummy-Coded Regression in R

Dummy-Coded Regression in SPSS

Dummy-Coded Regression Practice

Práctica de Regresión con Variables Dummy

Regresión con Variables Dummy en Excel


Activar “Data Analysis” en Excel – Para Mac

Activando “Data Analysis” en Excel – Para Windows

Activating “Data Analysis” in Excel – Mac

Activating “Data Analysis” in Excel – Windows

Ayuda de Estadísticas en Excel

Excel Statistics Help

Factorial Designs

Two Condition Full Factorial Designs

Helpful Tools and Guides from Around the Internet

Helpful Online Statistics Tools

Item-Sort Task

Item-Sort Tasks’ Logic, Method, and Statistics


Ayuda de Estadísticas en Jamovi

Installing Modules in Jamovi

Jamovi Statistics Help

Opening .csv Files in Jamovi


Mediation (Sobel Test) Practice

Mediation in Jamovi

Mediation with Regression in Excel (Sobel Test)

Práctica de Mediación (Prueba de Sobel)

Sobel Test Formula for Serial Mediation / Sequential Mediation

Sobel Test Calculator for Serial Mediation / Sequential Mediation

Testing for Dual Mediation


Seven Things You Should Know about CMA (Comprehensive Meta-Analysis)


Regression Toward the Mean (Links to


Moderation Practice

Moderation with Regression in Excel

Moderation in Jamovi

Práctica de Moderación


P-Hacking (Links to

The Meaning of p-Values: A Guide for Social and Organizational Science
Students & Researchers

The p-Value Controversy: A Guide for Social and Organizational Science
Students & Researchers

Partial Correlation

Partial Correlations in Python

Partial Correlations in R

Partial Correlation in SPSS



Percentiles Practice Questions


Predicción con Regresión en Excel

Prediction with Regression in Excel


Rules of Probability

Rules of Probability Practice Questions


Downloading Python for Windows

Installing Python Modules

Opening .csv File in Python

Python Help

Quadratic Regression

Líneas de Tendencia Cuadráticas en Gráficos de Excel

Quadratic Regression in Excel

Quadratic Regression in Jamovi

Quadratic Regression in Python

Quadratic Regression in R

Quadratic Regression in SPSS

Quadratic Regression Practice

Quadratic Trendlines in Excel

Regresión Cuadrática en Excel


Downloading R

Installing Packages in R

Opening .csv File in R

R Statistics Help


Práctica de Regresión

Regresión en Excel

Regression in Excel

Regression in Jamovi

Regression in Python

Regression in R

Regression in SPSS

Regression Practice

Sample Size

Bias with Small Sample Sizes and/or Non-Representative Samples (Links to

Scale Creation

Writing Items for a Scale


List of Commonly-Used Scales


SPSS Statistics Help


One-Sample T-Test in Excel

One-Sample T-Test in Jamovi

One-Sample T-Test in Python

One-Sample T-Test in R

One-Sample T-Test in SPSS

Práctica de la Prueba T de Dos Muestras

Prueba T de Dos Muestras en Excel

Prueba T de una Muestra en Excel

Two-Sample T-Test in Excel

Two-Sample T-Test in Jamovi

Two-Sample T-Test in Python

Two-Sample T-Test in R

Two-Sample T-Test in SPSS

Two-Sample T-Test Practice


Finding the Probability of Z-Value Ranges

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