My name is Dr. Matt C. Howard, and I am currently an Assistant Professor of Marketing and Quantitative Methods in the Mitchell College of Business at the
University of South Alabama.  I received my Ph.D. from the Pennsylvania State University in Industrial-Organizational Psychology.

My current research program can be summarized in a single sentence:
(1) cutting-edge, (2) methodologically- and statistically-sound research (3) on training and development. The three aspects can each be elaborated upon to provide a complete portrayal of my research program.

1 – Workplace Technologies: In any recent review of the changing nature of work, developments to technology are almost always cited as a primary
determinant of future organizational success. To say ahead of competition,
practitioners and researchers must understand and utilize any emergent technologies. Workplace-technology topics that I have studied include (but are not limited to) online groups, computer self-efficacy, cybersickness, virtual reality, and head-mounted virtual reality systems (HMVRSs).

2 – Statistics and Methodology: I strongly believe that no researcher can excel without a strong knowledge of statistics and research methodologies. For this reason, I have made ample efforts to develop in this area. In addition to applying novel methods within my articles, I have published or ongoing papers which discuss the statistics and methods themselves. Relevant topics include LISREL modeling, measurement, adverse impact, training creation methods, and person-specific analyses.

3 – Training and Development: I consider training and development my current primary research focus. Most of my extant investigations into this area analyze the efficacy of HMVRSs for training purposes, posing that the new technology may not be apt for organizational trainings or educational learning. Also, I have several ongoing studies which investigate serious games and their elements, also demonstrating that certain limitations may be present within the medium.

If you have any questions about my research interests, please contact me at MHoward@SouthAlabama.edu.