Opening .csv Files in Jamovi

Once you’ve completed the first step of using Jamovi, downloading the program, you need to figure out the second step, opening your data in Jamovi.  There are many file types that can be opened in Jamovi, but the current page is a brief guide on opening your data as a .csv file.  If you have any questions or comments about the current guide, please email me at  I am always happy to help.

[Note: Modern versions of Jamovi can now open .xlsx files, but they still cannot open .xls files.  If your data file is a .xlsx format, you can skip the first few steps below and directly open the datafile in Jamovi without having to resave your data.]

As mentioned above, the current guide provides instructions on opening a .csv file in Jamovi.  If you typically handle your data in Excel, however, your data is probably in a .xls or .xlsx format.  Fortunately, changing your data from .xls or .xlsx format to .csv is extremely easy to do (if you have Excel!).  So, the current guide begins with changing your data from .xls or .xlsx to .csv.

To do so, first open your data in Excel.  Then, go to File, Save As, and double-click This PC.

Opening Data in Jamovi 1

Now, choose the folder to which you want to save your file. Before clicking “Save,” however, you need to click on the dropdown menu beside the text that reads, “Save as Type.”

Opening Data in Jamovi 2

From this menu, scroll down and click on CSV (Comma delimited).

Opening Data in Jamovi 3

And then finally click on save.

Opening Data in Jamovi 4

Great! We should now have a .csv file that is ready to be read into Jamovi! To open this file in Jamovi, we need to open Jamovi. Once Jamovi is open, we just click on the three lines in the upper left, click on open, and then click on browse.  This is seen in the two pictures below.

Opening Data in Jamovi 5

Opening Data in Jamovi 6

Then you just find where ever you saved your .csv file, click on it, and then click open.

Opening Data in Jamovi 7

Once you do that, your screen should look something like the following:

Opening Data in Jamovi 8

Does it?  If you followed the instructions correctly (and assuming that I typed them in correctly), Jamovi should now have your data open.  Now, you can progress to performing analyses with your data in Jamovi.  As always, if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please email me a