Helpful Online Statistics Tools

Many researchers upload their statistics tools to the internet.  Unfortunately, many are unknown to most researchers.  For this reason, I will continuously post my favorite free statistics tools which are available for public use and download.  As always, if you have any questions about these tools, please email me at

Composite Reliability Calculator – When performing CFA or SEM, you are often expected to report the composite reliability of your latent variables.  This calculator is extremely easy to use.


ICC Guide – ICCs are a complicated but necessary statistic for many modern analyses.  Fortunately, Richard Landers created an extremely helpful guide on the common types of ICCs.


Likert-Type Scale Item Response Anchors – Ever need to administer a likert scale, but you were unsure which response anchors to provide?  This helpful page provides almost any type of response anchor that you could ever need.  A must-need for many research projects!


Meta-Analysis Spreadsheet – Meta-analysis is an extremely useful statistical method, but it may be confusing to perform.  Fortunately, Bosco (2013) created an extremely easy to use excel spreadsheet to perform meta-analyses.  I haven’t used it extensively, but it looks very user friendly (and flashy!).


Parallel Analysis Engine – Parallel analysis is a popular method to determine the number of factors to extract in an EFA.  In most statistics programs, such as SAS and SPSS, parallel analyses can be difficult to perform.  Fortunately, Patil, Singh, Mishra, and Donavan (2007) created an extremely easy to use online applet to perform parallel analyses.  With this tool, your EFAs can be more accurate and sophisticated.


NOTE: The original engine was taken off the internet.  The link above is a new engine that performs the same analysis.

Simple Slops Help – A very useful page on how to calculate and report simple slopes analyses.


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