Four New Pages on R Statistics Help! Partial Correlation and Regressions

Need help with performing statistics in R?  Four new pages have been added to on the topic.  If you have a particular analysis that you need help with, feel free to email with questions or comments!

Dummy-Coded Regression in R

Partial Correlations in R

Quadratic Regression in R

Regression in R

New R Statistics Help Section to Website – And Five New Pages!

Hi all,

I just finished creating a new R Statistics help portion to  Use the links below to access the help page as well as the five new guides:

R Statistics Help

Read these first:

Downloading R

Installing Packages in R

Opening .csv File in R

Help with analyses in R:

Cronbach’s Alpha in R

Correlations in R

As always, if you have any questions about statistics, please email me at

Variable-Centered, Person-Centered, and Person-Specific ApproachesOrganizational Research Methods – Matt C. Howard, Michael E. Hoffman, 2017

Great news!  My recent article accepted by Organizational Research Methods is now online!  The article discusses the theoretical rationale behind three families of statistics: variable-centered, person-centered, and person-specific analyses.  If you have any questions about the article, or would like to figure out how to gain access to it, feel free to contact me at


Source: Variable-Centered, Person-Centered, and Person-Specific Approaches – Organizational Research Methods – Matt C. Howard, Michael E. Hoffman, 2017