Statistics Lectures Now on YouTube!

Every semester, I try to upload my lectures to the University of South Alabama’s course management site, and, every semester, I run out of space before the halfway mark of the semester.  Our IT department recently recommended that I upload my videos to YouTube to avoid these space difficulties.  So, I am doing just that!

I already uploaded my first two lectures.  The first is a general review of statistics with a focus on descriptive statistics and p-values.  The second is an overview of one-variable chi-square tests and the chi-square test of independence (also called two-variable chi-square tests).  The links are provided below:

Lecture 1 – Review –

Lecture 2 – Chi-Square –

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More Issues with P-Values

Hi all!  I just made a new post on about p-values.  Use the following link to read more!

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Two New Stats Help Pages! Both on p-Values

jacob-cohenToday, I uploaded two new pages to the “Statistics Help” tab on my website.
They are:

The Meaning of p-Values: A Guide for Social and Organizational Science
Students & Researchers

The p-Value Controversy: A Guide for Social and Organizational Science Students &

As apparent from the titles, both pages focus on p-values.  Whenever I teach a class, about statistics or otherwise, students seem to only care about p-values when understanding studies’ results.  Unfortunately, much is still unknown if only
p-values are interpreted.  The first page provides an overview into the theory, logic, and calculation of p-values.  The second page reviews the controversy of p-values – one that is still ongoing today.

If you are still confused about p-values after reading these two pages, please email me at  We can chat, and I can figure out additions to the pages to clarify the concepts.