A New Website!

On MattCHoward.com, I try to keep the content relevant to my academic work.  That is, most of the pages and posts are either (a) answers to student questions, (b) answers to statistical research questions, (c) or relevant to my current
studies.  I recently realized that MattCHoward.com has little room for content
regarding my consulting experiences.  For this reason, I started the website

The purpose of StatisticalBullshit.com is to educate readers about
nefarious statistical practices commonly seen in industry – practices that could be costing you thousands…or even millions!  Most of the posts will discuss
business statistical issues, but many topics will also cross-over into research discussions.  For instance, the first post is about p-hacking, which can be used to advance an expensive consulting agenda or successfully publish lackluster
research findings.  So, it does not matter if you are currently in academia or
business, StatisticalBullshit.com should have enjoyable content for everyone.

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